Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum

It is the 8th of may. 10:50pm. 15.000 people at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne and more than 3 Million people in front of their TVs are waiting for the finale elimination of „Germany’s next topmodel – by Heidi Klum“.

Who will be Germany’s next topmodel 2014? Stefanie or Jolina.

The elimination takes more than 10 minutes. To keep the tension high and to avoid that most of the people skip the channel, T3MA Factory did the sounddesign for the soundcarpet and the heartbeat.

Congratulations to Steffi! You are fashion ! We love fashion !

Please notice that the video is just a short edit to give you an idea and all rights are reserved by Pro7.





Germany’s Next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum